Lazarus Naturals Review

If ye are a buyer of cannabidiol outputs for quite a long time, ye must know that not all businesses are equally good. They largely differ in worth, quality, approach to the distribution, designing the programs for veterans & other retired militaries. What is more – a lot of manufacturers differ in their social programs & rebates that they offer to some categories of consumers.

Lazarus Naturals Business that we are reviewing today is one of the most essential businesses in all named areas. It is friendly, open to people & consumers, has gorgeous prices (market best as far as we see, preserving great quality, not deceiving its consumers) & it is very open. The business has huge potential & we hope that it will be completely implemented to beat the competitors.  

About Lazarus Naturals business


The business was founded in 2014 with a mission to differ. Seems like the business’s model does not rely on huge & expensive lend money of greedy shareholders & that is why the business has really admirable worth – the most advanced in the field. Should ye ever see superiorly worth for the similar excellence of the same open business for public & with openly available 3rd-party laboratory examinations completely comprehensible for people – just let us know & we will make changes to this text. So far, this business is the leader in the quality/worth ratio.

The business produces some share of outputs of the complete range while another share is made from isolate to deliver extra purity. All output line is suitable to vegans, grown organically in the United States of America exclusively, under the complete control of the business’s employees (the business currently has 80 workers employed).

Lazarus Naturals features

What do we love about this manufacturer? A huge openness & amazing responsibility towards people. In the business’s blog & on its social places, one is able to view posts about their people, work, manufacturing processes & another ‘internal kitchen’, which is so exciting to read. Moreover, when ye see the pictures of people on the work, ye are immediately thrilled with their burning eyes, sparkling smiles & large energy that are seen in their poses, actions & on faces. Because of that, we truly believe that these guys will excel in what they do – as nobody we’ve seen before was so thrilled simply because he is paid to do some job. 


  1. Amazing worth of every merch: lowest on the market that really contains cannabidiol (not hemp oil that is said to be cannabidiol, deceiving purchasers – yes, some manufacturers do deceive in this way). As an example, a complete range cannabidiol oil (that the business calls ‘tincture’) potent as high as six thousand milligrams in 120-milliliter bottle can be obtained for only two hundred American dollars – the most supreme option existing in the area.
  2. Even more amazing life-term 60% rebates for retired police workers, army workers, households having low income, other veterans & people with chronic pain & other chronic states, which are only helped by cannabidiol. This is not some one-time rebate, this is for years & years – for as long as a person is alive & has the status that makes him or her receive the rebate.
  3. A great diversity of outputs (we will consider them below).
  4. Third-party lab examination of every output, which is updated from time to time, as a new batch arrives. Thus, ye will not see, as in other manufacturers, that there is only one-time examination was done & it is 2… 6 years old now. Every batch examination is as old as 6 months as max. That makes us really believe in the purity & intensity of an output.
  5. Fast delivery – unlike many other businesses that tell that they normally deliver in 4-7 days, the business reveals that the delivery is usually organized in 3 days. 
  6. The business is of a full cycle. This means they control every stage & aspect of the manufacturing process, as follows:
    • planting, growing & harvesting
    • chemical extraction & associated processes
    • manufacturing the end outputs from the raw material
    • packing & sending to the shelves of the stores as well as selling through the site.


  1. Unlike nearly every other manufacturer on the market that uses the CO2 method of extraction of cannabidiol oil from hemp, the business here is one of a few who uses ethanol solvent to make the extraction. This is probably the economic reason behind the fact that they can deliver to the market so intensive outputs for such a little worth. This is an obvious reason why they make so many laboratory examinations – to give their users complete assuredness in the fact that every output delivered is of high purity, completely freed from residuals of any solvents & is manufactured according to the right standards of using the chemicals. In fact, this is more, not a disadvantage, but just a precaution – as when used properly, this method of cannabidiol oil extraction is completely safe & kosher. The biggest worry of many people is that solvents will not have time to evaporate to the full extent – however, it seems like (and frequent lab examinations provide assuredness) that the business belongs to the cohort of a few manufacturers, which knows how to properly deal with chemicals. This is the only disadvantage that we could find. 

Lazarus Naturals product list

People admire a big list of manufacturing pieces, so we share:

1. Tinctures

tincturesWhat this business calls ‘Tinctures’, others call ‘oils’. But this is just the discrepancy in naming that should not influence any essence. As we can see, these guys adore coconut & put it to nearly anything they do. Here, ye can find coconut oil in all tinctures. Some of them are flavored while some are not. Amongst the flavors, ye can meet chocolate mint, vanilla mocha, orange, tropical breeze & winter mint. Each bottle has the different coloring of the label for thine convenience. The potencies of some are up to 6,000 mg – the number, which ye are not going to meet that frequently on the market.

2. Capsules

oil-capsulesThere are 2 types of capsules: blended (for relaxation or energy, with 25 mg of cannabidiol inside of 1 capsule intensity) & not blended (having potencies 10, 25, 50 & 100 mg per 1 capsule). The two latter outputs are one of the most intensive things on the market, as lots of other manufacturers do something like 10, 15 or 25 mg per 1 capsule as max.

3. Isolates

cbd-isolatesIsolates are good for those who want to create own products & that’s why they want to have a intensive raw material. For retail purposes, options like 1 or 5 mg of isolate should be enough while for wholesalers & those who manufacture everyday (coffee houses, bakeries & so on) would like to pay attention to 20, 50, 100 or 200 grams. Unfortunately, the 100 & 200 options are out of stock at the moment of this review. We’re hoping they’re back in line soon!

4. Oil of coconut with cannabidiol

cbd-oilCoconut oil (which here is represented by 1 oz & 4 oz) is good enough for several purposes:

  • baking, to receive cannabidiol-containing outputs at home without the need to specifically acquire isolate, receiving a nice & rich aroma & taste in the end 
  • consuming as the healthcare provider says (internally) – as the alternative to any other means of the intake of cannabidiol orally
  • using it as a massage oil or even as a topical balm – as their replacement.

With a wonderful fragrance of an output, it can become a wonderful option in each of the three cases.

5. Outputs for pets

outputs-for-petsPets are going to love the complete-range tinctures, which in intensity are adjusted to their bodies specifically. Ye are proposed to select from 2 types of them: calming & sensitive. They are non-GMO, vegan-suitable, of complete range & made completely in America. They have no artificial preservatives or sweeteners. Ye can buy a smaller or larger bottle, of 225 & 900 mg of cannabidiol in them, where every ml contains 15 mg. 

6. RSO

RSO is available in 10 & 50 ml, for $40 & $180 respectively. RSO is the shortage from ‘Rick Simpson Oil’ & ye might have never heard this term before started using cannabidiol. Most people never know it for the lifetime. The ingredients, which make this thing to be the RSO are cannabidiol isolate, hemp extract, fractioned coconut oil (to provide the sustainable quality) & sunflower lecithin (as a thickener). Simply take it sublingually & the effect is going to be felt under 1 hour of time after the intake.

7. Topicals

cbd-topicalsThere are two types of topicals: ones that are used as ointments (balms) & massage oil. The balms are flavored with Portland Rose, Lavender, Cedar Citrus & Mint. There is another one, unflavored. Depending on the size of the flask, ye’ll get 300 mg or 1,200 mg of the active substance. The entire line of outputs is of complete range. Do not use inside of the body. One of the points why we love the balms of this manufacturer is that they have only natural components in its content: butter of mango, natural beeswax, oils of lavender, coconut, hemp & two additional, all-natural, substances: Isopropyl Myristate & Oleic Acid – which together make the balm to be dense, holding its form & having the properties to melt & sucked by the body.

8. Merch

merchThe merch is made of apparel (4 pieces) & a water bottle. For instance, just for 15 bucks, ye obtain a nicely made T-shirt, which is good enough for doing sports activities, as well as going to thine work wearing it (if work style allows casual look). 

Price list

  1. Tinctures are possible to be bought for as little as 12 American dollars – for the smallest tincture of a regular intensity. The biggest money ye are paying is 200 bucks for several options – of 6,000 mg intensity squeezed into a 60 ml flask.
  2. Capsules have the range from $6 (10-mg intensity & 10 pills only in a bottle) to $360 (50 mg per piece, 200 pieces) – which makes it insane 10,000 mg intensity (10 grams of pure cannabidiol – ye are never going to find that intensive thing on a market unless buying 100 grams of pure isolate (as a powder), which is not really a thing available for the retail consumers). 
  3. Isolates are available in two sizes: 1 gram for 30 dollars & a small bucket with 5, 20, 50, 100 & 200 grams – for 75, 280, 650, 1,250 & 2,400 dollars respectively (at the time of writing this review, the business had two least options out of stock).
  4. Coconut oil comes for 15 – 50 dollars depending on the flask – from 1 to 4 oz.
  5. Pet outputs are available as THC-free & complete range remedies, sold for $12-$38 depending on the size.
  6. RSO is the specially made oil, which is sold for $40 & $180 for the sizes of 10 & 50 ml respectively.
  7. Topicals are the things ye rub into thine skin and/or hair & they are available from 12 to 70 dollars for the massage oil (200, 800 & 1,600 mg of intensity, with approx. 50 mg of cannabidiol per 1 tblsp) & from 15 to 50 bucks for the balms having different flavors (300 or 1,200 mg), where ½ tblsp contains 50 mg of cannabidiol.
  8. Merchandise is presented by a baseball cap (for $12), a water bottle (for $12), a warm hat (suitable for cyclists for cold weathers & people living in a sports style) for $10 & two T-shirts for 15 bucks each.
  9. There are several bundles. The smallest ones are Day & Night sample pack for $38 & same-worth complete range standard-intensity sample pack. Others are:
    1. Cannabidiol topical collection for $40
    2. Variety Collection & Family Pack each for $50
    3. Complete range high-intensity sample pack for $60 & the same-worth Calm Balm Bundle consisting of 5 pieces
    4. THC-free sampler for $130 (the costliest one). 

Our experience with Lazarus Naturals

We’ve tried several outputs:

  1. A Portland Rose cannabidiol balm of 0.5 oz
  2. Cannabidiol massage oil of 200 mg intensity
  3. And Coconut oil infused with cannabidiol, 1 oz. 

The first thing applied on the skin – as it is a topical, for outer use only. We applied it for our knees (that occasionally experience hard days & squeak unpleasantly), as well as for our heels (to make them softer & get rid of the feeling of tiredness after the long day in the office with its long hallways & passages, which make us sick sometimes – but it’s just the way our office is designed). A thin layer was enough; it was easily softened with our palms as we rubbed a small pea of it before applying. The balm was intangible on the skin & did not leave the unpleasant sensation of something greasy as one may feel with other balms.

The massage oil was oh so great in fragrance & the content! Oils of jojoba, almond, coconut & hemp, with 50 mg of cannabidiol per 1 tblsp give so exciting relaxation – which is much more than regular massage can provide (well, with only possible exclusion – if ye are massaged by a professional masseuse). 

We also used coconut oil for the massage & to make cookies. Due to the nature of coconut, it’s oil is not suitable for salads, as it smells to sweetly – we’ve decided to make some bakery out of it. As the result, three types of cookies gave us not only the delight of taste but also, in 45-60 minutes, they largely relaxed us – so much that sleeping time as the night began was smooth as of a person who doesn’t have a mortgage 😉 


So, they are better in worth, delivery, chemical treatment of the raw material, frequency of lab examination by third-party labs & the number of people they employ are growing (we also admire the fact that they are all with inflamed hearts & eyes). Is it possible that this business will become the leader of the market in a short time? Well, considering an amazing treatment to their customers, sales pieces & offering insanely appealing -60% rebate for all outputs to thousands of people all over the country (and their number is growing), we’d definitely say, this business is going to become a leader of the industry in the coming 5 or 7 years. At least, it has the all grip to do so.