HempWorx review

The market for CBD products is constantly growing. More and more new products are hitting the shelves of the retailers, as well as plenty of new brands attract the attention of both new and experienced cannabis consumers. Many producers offer quality and lab-tested products while using others might appear to be totally disappointing. Choosing a quality option is becoming more challenging for consumers due to a large number of companies selling CBD goods in different states.

In this post, we’ll look at HempWorx products in detail. Are these goods safe? What potency do they offer? What is the best option to start your CBD consumption? Find the answers to these questions and much more data about the company right in this post.

About HempWorx company

HempWorx is one of the leading producers in CBD-infused products. It is operating throughout the country only. This means you can try products that contain ingredients that are cultivated and made in the United States only. Moreover, the laboratory tests of cannabidiol goods, offered by the company, are performed by third-party laboratories located in the country. The number of tests includes:

  • Antimicrobial 
  • Potency
  • Gas Chromatography

This is surely one of the company’s benefits since using independent labs for testing the products is surely more reliable. Moreover, this sounds good to possible consumers who can easily take a look at the results of the lab tests of each product right on the official company website.

The company is proud to offer only quality goods and services to all the customers in different states. Among the most popular products of this brand are CBD oils, creams, coffee, and cannabidiol goods for pets.

As for the production process, the company uses one of the safest and the purest methods of CBD extraction with the help of CO2. After that, all the molds, heavy metals, and other harmful substances are removed with the help of raw materials. All the products, offered by HempWorx have less than 0.3% of psychoactive THC, so you don’t need to worry about feeling high or failing drug tests after consuming cannabis-related goods.

HempWorx features

HempWorx positions itself as a life-changing company that uses only natural ingredients and excellent production facilities for the production of all kinds of CBD products. The company is one of the reliable producers, highly ranked by most customers. However, it still has some pros and cons you should definitely know about.


All the products are produced in the United States. The company doesn’t import any ingredients for producing any of its goods. Therefore, is not searching for the cheapest solutions for CBD production and uses only safe and healthy ingredients to earn the customers’ trust.
All the products, created by the company are made from hemp only. Although this herb is very similar to the world-known cannabis, it has little to no traces of THC. All the goods, offered by HempWorx are created from hemp, grown in Kentucky. Moreover, all the other production processes, including farming and managing, are also held in the USA.

But what is a real benefit for consumers from this fact? The truth is that all the stages of CBD goods production are controlled by the United States Department of Agriculture that ensures the products are safe and have high-quality. The company is completely opened and honest to its customers, making each stage of production process clear and transparent.

The crop is grown without using any harmful substances. As for the hemp, used for creating CBD goods, it is cultivated without using pesticides or fertilizers. The hemp, that is the basis for all CBD-related products made by the company, is healthy and free from any dangerous substances. Furthermore, it is always tested for potency, as well as for any harmful ingredients before CBD extraction. By the way, the company uses only a CO2 extraction method that is much safer than using other common solvents. To put it short, HempWorx takes care of the quality of all its goods on all the production stages, including hemp cultivation.

Independent tests. One of the most important features that prove the high quality of the chosen products is lab tests. Many companies are not paying enough attention to this aspect or don’t bring the results of the tests to the public. But not HempWorx. The company has an advanced system of performing tests with the help of numerous third-party laboratories, checking different parameters of a product. Moreover, all the results of the tests are published on the company’s official website and are opened to all the users. These are clear, understandable, and fresh test results of each product made by the company.

By the way, we’ve searched for any negative reviews regarding using HempWorx products. However, we didn’t find any. Moreover, there are no issues of failing THC tests or facing health problems, reported by the consumers.

Real health benefits. Many users are wondering whether HempWorx will suit their needs and provide relief from different conditions. As for CBD oil, it is known that it can:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce depression
  • Reduce acne
  • Relieve symptoms of chronic pain
  • Reduce cancer-related symptoms

Note: before experimenting with any CBD goods, please consult your physician for choosing the potency and the type of products that suit your health conditions the most.

As for HempWorx products, we’ve collected a large number of reviews that prove the evidence of the exceptional health benefits of CBD goods, offered by the company. According to the recent reviews of dozens of users, the products offered by the company have shown great results in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. Another condition that was significantly eliminated by HempWorx products is chronic pain.

Therefore, the products offered by the brand are really working. Furthermore, there are no negative reviews on using the goods were found on the Internet. This means, all the goods, produced by HempWorx, are likely to have superior quality and meet the expectations of the consumers.

Unique products. Although the CBD market is full of different goods. HempWorx is still ready to offer something special. Among the most demanding goods, produced by the company, are CBD coffee and CBD coffee cream.

Fast shipping. The company offers super fast shipping to all its clients. In most cases, the orders are shipped the same day. This means regular customers will not need to wait too long to receive their orders and can start consuming CBD goods within the shortest terms. The company can boast to have a large amount of stock to meet the needs of hundreds of customers at the same time.

Great discounts. HempWorx is surely a great option for those who would like to purchase several pieces of the same product in one order. The fact is that the company offers a “buy 2, get 3” policy for all its customers on a regular basis.


When we searched for the reviews for the company’s products, we still faced some cons of choosing HempWorx. Here is the list of the most common drawbacks, described by consumers.

Ordering process. The ordering process offered by the company is a little bit different from the common solution. As a rule, when you click on “buy a product” you expect to see its details and then move it to your cart. However, when you make the same action on HempWorx official website, you will need to provide your personal information and to create your personal account. Only after successful signup, you get an opportunity to add products to your cart. Although this drawback is not significant, it might still be a little bit annoying for some users.

Not enough potency. There is nothing new that many consumers require high-potent CBD products for treating their ailments and conditions in a more effective way. That is why they are forced to choose not a 500 mg but 750 mg CBD oil bottle. That is because of a standard 500 mg bottle contains 10 mg of CBD per consumption, while its 750 mg analog offers 15 mg of the substance for each consumption.

Still, it is highly recommended to start with lower doses of CBD and move to the higher doses gradually. Moreover, most consumers report that using a standard 500 mg bottle of CBD oil is completely enough to fit their needs.

HempWorx products list

The company produces a large number of products, suitable for different goals. You can choose edibles, topicals or tinctures to improve your health, as well as purchase some CBD pet product for your furry friend. Now, let’s learn more about each product category, offered by HempWorx.

HempWorx CBD tinctures

Full-spectrum CBD oil

Full-spectrum CBD oil

The premium CBD oil, produced by the company, comes in three different concentrations. You can choose either 1500 mg, 750 mg, or a standard 500 mg concentration to meet your needs. The products also have three different flavors for your convenience. These are Natural flavor, as well as Peppermint and Cinnamon sweeteners. The oils are vegan, gluten-free, and don’t contain any GMO.

CBD isolate tinctures

CBD isolate tinctures

These products continue to be one of the most effective CBD products on the market. These tinctures come in two different concentrations (500 and 750 mg of CBD). These are also healthy organic products.

HempWorx CBD topicals

HempWorx CBD topicals

The company has its own unique line of topicals developed for making your skin healthier and younger. They can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate, moisturizes, as well as improve your overall skin condition. The cremes, developed by the company, can contain these additional ingredients:

  • Apple stem cells
  • Collagen retinol

There are 30 ml and 50 ml cremes.

CBD Haircare

CBD Haircare

The company also takes care of the beauty of your hair. You can purchase CBD shampoos, conditioners, masks, and serum. All the beauty products contain cold-pressed hemp seed oil and the number of additional ingredients to improve your hair condition.

HempWorx CBD edibles

The company is also good for producing premium edibles that are organic and cruelty-free, as well as doesn’t contain any GMO ingredients. Among the most popular edibles, are:

Hemp-infused coffee

Hempworx coffee

This product is developed for those, who can’t imagine their lives without caffeine. If you still can’t feel more envigorated after a cup of coffee in the morning, a hemp-infused drink is here to help. This coffee contains classical Arabica beans along with some Chaga mushrooms. Each cope will enrich your body with 5 mg of CBD.

CBD-infused gummies

HempWorx CBD Gummies

Another excellent product for any sweet-tooth is CBD-infused gummies. These are jelly candies, where each piece contains 10 mg of CBD. The package has 45 gummies with different tastes, including grape, orange, and lemon. What makes these gummies different from analogs, is that they don’t contain any artificial sweeteners or coloring.

HempWorx CBD pet products

The company also takes care of your pet, too. In case you want to provide pain relief, reduce anxiety, or just improve an overall state of health of your furry friend, HempWorx offers two types of CBD-infused pet goods for your lovely animal.

CBD dog treats

HempWorx CBD dog treats

This tasty treat will be surely enjoyed by your pet. Each treat contains 2.5 mg of CBD that is the best dosage for most animals. It is beef-flavored, so your pet will easily eat the treat in a blink of an eye. The product doesn’t contain any soy, wheat, salt, sugar, corn, glycerins, waxes or other harmful substances.

CBD pet oil

HempWorx CBD pet oil

A premium 250mg Bacon-Flavored CBD oil for dogs is a great alternative to CBD-infused treats. It can be easily added to your pet’s favorite meals. You will use 5 mg of CBD oil per serving that is more potent than treats. The product has a natural beacon flavor to make the oil smell and taste delicious to your fury friend. 

HempWorx Pricelist

The number of products offered by the company is surely great. The prices for the goods vary, since each product might contain different amounts of CBD. Generally, the pricing policy of HempWorx is as follows:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil: $69-$149
  • CBD isolate tinctures: $69-$89
  • CBD topicals: $69-$89
  • Haircare: $39-$69
  • Hemp-infused coffee: $69
  • Gummies: $69
  • Dog treats: $39
  • Pet oil: $39

Our experience with HempWorx

From our viewpoint, HempWorx is one of the brands that is surely worth trying. The number of goods, oils, and edibles, offered by the popular company, is great, while the orders proceed within the shortest terms. The products have high quality, are organic, and healthy. Therefore, the goods might have a positive impact on your health, as well as help you cope with a wide range of different conditions. 

Moreover, we’ve tried to contact the company support team to discover more details about certain products and found it to be quick to respond and very welcoming. Therefore, in case you need to ask anything about the company or its products, you can get the answers to all your questions with an excellent support service. 


HempWorx is one of the leading producers of high-quality CBD-infused products. The company is completely legal and is regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture. The entire line of products is tested by independent laboratories to ensure the best quality of goods, offered both for human beings and pets. You can check the results of lab tests for each product on the company website – all the data is opened to the public. The company has nothing to hide from its consumers – all its products are safe, organic, and free from any harmful substances.

The HempWorx goods are really working, providing relief from different conditions and ailments. If you search for customers’ feedback about the company’s products, you will find only positive reviews. This means HempWorx has a perfect reputation and really takes care of its customers.