CBDistillery Review

A reliable provider of products containing CBD is important for several reasons. The first thing you expect to receive is the high quality and the correspondence of what is inside to what is stated on the label. The second thing is the price. Ideally, the delivery should be included into it (at least, that’s what the best brands of CBD do) and no additional fares or taxes should be applied upon the purchase, which would alter the price said on the webpage of a product – this contributes to the trust, which a brand builds with you. And the third thing is a special offer or offers, which a manufacturer proposes. In the case of CBDistillery Company, there are several such offers. In this review, we will look closer at everything and estimate, whether this brand worth your trust.

About CBDistillery company

The CBDistillery Company was founded in 2016. Despite its moderate age, it is a growing company with many reliable products, which strives to own popularization in these ways:

  • It originated the #CBDmovement, the self-proclaimed headliner of which the company is today
  • It has made the book about CBD – what is it, its history, how it is used, and other things are included in the book, which everyone may download for free (today, tens of thousands of downloads are made)
  • The CBDistillery Company involves brand ambassadors – these are mostly people of active spheres of life and public persons: MMA fighters, comedians, yogi, models, surfers, powerlifters, skiers, and fly fishers. You can learn more about each ambassador and activities of the company in this area here: thecbdistillery.com/ambassadors
  • The company offers discounts for some groups of customers. We’ll consider it below, in the section of features of the company.

CBDistillery features

The most obvious feature as of today is the official discount to:

  • Service officials
  • Active military members
  • Firefighters
  • Police officers
  • Veterans.

On this page, you can see the details: thecbdistillery.com/veterans-and-service-officials-discount-code. The discount is 10% off any price of any product present in the catalog, which is active for life (for as long as a person qualifies for the types of jobs he or she occupies). The discount is given based on the request to the company’s e-mail address, with a copy of the person’s ID or paperwork, and the e-mail of this person. Voila. As easy as it is. 

Another feature of the company is a possibility to download for free a comprehensive e-book about CBD, which explains all the essential features about the chemical substance, and the role of the CBDistillery Company in it. 

Advantages of CBDistillery

  1. According to the company’s words, it was established to bring people high-quality Colorado products for smaller prices than it was before their origination, and to make people buy only those products, which are gimmick-free. 
  2. There are wholesale and retail prices, so you can register as a wholesale buyer right on the site’s pages.  
  3. Discounts to a number of categories of people based on their jobs.
  4. Easy process of purchase.
  5. E-book about CBD downloaded for free from the official site.
  6. Large openness towards people, which is not just on the pages of the site but also in the feedback and the way the company works.
  7. The existence of brand ambassadors.
  8. Special discounts -20% for the price from the page of ‘Gimmick free’ stuff (just to make people know that not anything in the world can be with CBD added into it – like there are no condoms, toilet paper, laundry detergent, or candles with CBD exist. So if you see these products claimed to have added CBD, this is a gimmick for sure).
  9. There is a map where you can find the store with the company’s products near your location. You can scroll the map or simply enter your location to make the page generate the nearest place to you.
  10. A list of products is unique, as, for instance, it is the only company on the market that we know about so far, which offered CBD suppositories (the ones you administer anally). Pitifully, they are not on the list of company’s products anymore. 

Disadvantages of CBDistillery

  1. If you wanna make an order larger than 500 dollars in a go, the company does not allow it. You either split the order in several or should register as a wholesale buyer, which is not always convenient because, in order to qualify for the wholesaler account, there must be valid EIN, or a license of a reseller, or a business ID, which is issued by the country’s government of the company’s origin. As a regular person cannot have these, all orders above 500 US dollars should be split into smaller portions. 
  2. There is a discrepancy in information that the company provides. On the ‘About Us’ page, it tells that the company was founded in 2016, while on the ‘Wholesale Products’, it tells that the company is a trusted partner for many buyers since 2015. One-year difference makes us ponder where else do they lie. 
  3. The company’s product is not the best in the ratio of potency and price on the market (despite that making so was initially the company’s goal, in which it failed, as it seems).

CBDistillery product list

On the company’s product list, one will find the isolate-based products and full-spectrum ones. The difference is obvious to the people in the know but we will repeat it here once again. The products based on isolate are purer, as they do not have anything in their content of CBD but the pure CBD oil, cleansed from all extras (as well as from THC). The full-spectrum means that no extras are purified, and all terpenes and additional chemical substances stay in the product. The second option is believed to add power to the work of CBD but not everyone likes the natural smell and flavor of the full-spectrum product. So just read the label before choosing your product.


The range in this category of the CBDistillery Company’s products is the biggest – because oils (otherwise called tinctures) experience the largest popularity in consumers all over the world. 

In the catalog, there are full-spectrum oils and THC-free ones. The potency ranges from 250 mg per bottle of 30 ml, through 500, 1,000, 2,500, ending with 5,000 ml per 30-ml flask. The catalog embraces options for people and pets. The pet products have this list of potency: 150 mg & 600 mg. For easy visual differentiation, the remedies with different potencies are marked with discrepant colors on the labels.

Depending on how potent remedy you are trying, the amount of mg per 1 serving will differ. For instance, in a 1,000-potent thing, you intake 33 mg of CBD. The daily dose, which is recommended by the CBDistillery Company, should lie between 30 and 60 mg, which means that 1 or 2 servings per day should be enough. To make calculations super easy for you, the amount of CBD per 1 serving is directly indicated at the center of each label (like 33 mg, 8, 5, 17, 83, 20, 167…). The biggest amount per serving is obviously obtained from a 5,000-mg remedy, which is one of the most potent things on the market today (we’ve never seen as strong serving as 167 mg). There are up to 12 different types of CBD and THC chemical substances in a flask.

Also, you can see the lab test results not only for the general line of products but also for each of them in the line, for each potency, with precise calculations of each type of CBD, THC, and the indication of maximum content of each in grams and %. This is the best publically available test results of the products that we’ve seen so far on the sites of manufacturers. 


The isolate powder is the basis for the manufacturing of the hugest range of products. Only a small amount of it is needed to make a non-full-spectrum product. The price ranges from 18 to 30 dollars per 1 gram, depending on the selection of the number of grams (1, 10, or 100, the more the lesser is the price per gram), and the type of the powder. The content of CBD in the isolate of the CBDistillery Company is up to 99.78%.


There is not that big range of gummies – only pack of 25 pieces and 30 mg in a piece, and the offer of 2 packs. The entire capacity of CBD in a can turns out 750 mg. The total cannabinoid ratio is 0.795%.


Capsules come in two options of potency: 25 mg and 30 mg per intake. The size of a bottle ranges from 30 to 60 pieces. And there are two types of products in this category: soft gels and pills (capsules). The niceness of the intake of this product is because every serving is rigidly measured to contain only 30 mg of CBD (±2.5), to deprive you of worries of measuring of how much you should take (which can be the case with oil). The total content of cannabinoids in the product ranges from 4.1% to 5%.


Choose amongst the three options to your liking: a lip balm for 6 bucks, skincare cream for $50, and CBD salve for $50. The first option has 25 mg of CBD, while the rest two have 500 mg.


There are 14 options of purchase, divided into two types: vape pens and vape cartridges. Pens are of two subtypes: disposable and rechargeable.

They all have 4 flavors:

  • strawberry lemonade
  • berries
  • grape
  • pine.
  1. THC-free CBD products

You can find them in other categories but the tag of THC-free things gathers products also in this place. Amongst the pieces of products, there are several types of oil (500, 1,000, 2,000, and 5,000) and soft gels (of 30 and 60 pieces). 

7.For pets

The products for pets are represented by 4 options:

  • Pet tincture of 150 mg in potency for $20
  • Pet tincture of 600 mg for $38
  • Man’s Best Friend tincture having 150 mg for 80 dollars.
  • Bandana for a pet “CBD and CHILL” for 5 bucks apiece.

8.Variety packs

There are several types of varieties (bundles):

    • 3 vape pens
    • 3 and 4 vape cartridges
    • 2 vape pens + 1 33-mg CBD oil
    • Salve + tincture + 1 vape pen
    • Oil pack for people of 1,000 mg and of 150 mg for pets
    • A pack of 2 cans of gummies
    • A topical salve + pure CBD without THC oil tincture of 1,000 mg + 1 pack of gummies.

9.Merchandise associated with the company

There are three pieces of merch:

  • A logo vinyl sticker for 2 dollars
  • A koozie for the thermal insulation of your beverages in tin cans from the warmth of your hand for 5 bucks
  • A bandana for dogs for 5 dollars.

On the list of products, you can see that some of them migrate inside of the product catalog, as they are tagged with more than one tag. In the case, if you have doubts – this is done for your convenience of navigation, not for the sake of inflating the catalog’s visual size.

Price list

  1. Oil costs from 19 to 240 US dollars (the least potent remedy for $19 is a 30-ml 250-mg potent one, whilst the best potency is represented by Full-Spectrum oil tincture of 5,000 mg per 30 ml).
  2. Isolates have a wide range of prices, from $28 to whooping $2,000.
  3. Gummies are sold for $55… $90.
  4. Capsules go for 50 – 115 US dollars.
  5. Topicals will cost ya from $6 (for a lip balm) to $50 (for skin cream and salve)
  6. Vapes: vaping pen comes for $10… $28, while the cartridges for them come for $25… $85.
  7. THC-free CBD products are represented by oils and isolates, from 19 to 210 dollars. 
  8. Products for pets are ranged from 5 to 80 American dollars. 
  9. Variety packs go for 60… 120 dollars.
  10. Merchandise associated with the company will cost from $2 to $5. 

As you can see, the CBDistillery Company does not sell anything connected with food (but gummies) but, on the pages of its website, it tells that it sells isolates to other companies who would like to make their own stuff based on CBD (which includes food). As we believe, the CBDistillery Company does not feel it right to produce food based on CBD, as other manufacturers do, because adding it to food is currently under the direct ban of the FDA of the US. Gummies, however, can be not qualified as regular food, if any lawsuit concerning this ever applied.

Our experience with CBDistillery

We have tried two options of oil-based products, with a full spectrum and without it, simply pure isolate. They both worked well and they behaved the same as in other companies in terms of potency and flavor. It is understood that if you are not an admirer of the bitter taste of pure oil of CBD, you’d probably add it to sweet or ‘salt + pepper’ food to avoid this aftertaste in your mouth. Also, the natural flavor and smell of full-spectrum thing should also be cooled off with something else – like candies or a hot chocolate. But that should not be the case if you’re completely tolerant to the taste and smell of CBD.

As for the potency, we find that Pure CBD Isolate Slab might have not been than potent as products of other companies on the market that we’ve tried so far but it has perfectly coped with the task – eliminating the migraine, as if taking it away by a hand, in about 20-25 minutes after the administering. The thoughts in the head started flowing smoothly, the vise has gone away, and the so much needed relief descended.


We will not recommend the CBDistillery Company’s product as the most potent on the market for the fairest price because we have tried more potent ones, frankly, which cost lesser. However, aside from it, that’s just our opinion, as the company does not say that it offers the most potent products for the cheapest price. It is not its goal. The goal also includes quality, which is frankly impossible to reach for little money.

The work of products of the CBDistillery Company is fine and some of them give even more action that we considered to receive before administering. Considering the moderate prices of products, it is found by us that the company currently holds one of the leading positions on the market based on the ratio of price, potency, and quality. We also loved that each product is supplemented by the independent lab test results, which are available right on the product page. So, we would recommend the CBDistillery Company’s products as one of the best on the market.