CBD vape pen

What is a CBD oil vape pen? If you are an enthusiast of smoking and/or vaping, you have definitely heard of CBD vape pens. We suppose you live in the US or one of the countries, which has approved the legal use of CBD oil – for recreational or medical use. You might have also heard of CBD vape pens that contain a mixture of CBD and THC – but we will not specifically focus on those mixtures, as THC for recreational use is legal not in all states. If you are a dweller of one of those (Florida, California or others) – you should check out this online store allure.com/gallery/best-cbd-vape-pens-for-anxiety, as it sells some awesome mixes of THC + CBD in a huge variety of proportions, where one or another prevails (sometimes, heftily). 

In this article, we are going to consider what is a CBD vape pen, how to use a CBD vape pen, how it works, what types of it are manufactured, and their pros and cons. Also, we will give you some useful tips on where to buy it in the US online.

What is CBD vape oil?

Vaping oil is actually lesser oil and more like a thing called “juice”. Certainly, some manufacturers produce oils to be vaped and many users add CBD oil into their vaping devices. But you should NOT do it, as you definitely have heard the latest news and now know what oils in vaping devices do to your lungs. If you don’t want to be a part of those several dozen poor guys who have completely clogged their lungs with oil that they have been inhaling during years and years (and now they can’t clean them because nobody knows how to do it from medical point of view), in no case inhale oil into your lungs! Who can tell now how many hundreds or thousands of future patients the world sees in upcoming months and years with terribly clogged lungs but you should think with your head and avoid inhaling any oil already today. 

To vape, you have only one alternative – vaping juice. This is water with PG/VG addition, where CBD isolate is dissolved. Some THC content may also apply – depending on the chosen product and the legality of it in every state. Flavors are added in splendid amount and cover all range of desires of vapers – even those who haven’t vaped using CBD vape pen before but did it with e-cigarettes.

You also can prepare own vaping liquid by obtaining some CBD isolate and mixing it with water and PG/VG in the proportion that you love. Today, hundreds of flavors to vapes are easily found online if you cannot live without them. This is the advantage that you receive by making own vaping liquids – the variety, which isn’t obtained in pre-manufactured products. 

Again – do not use oil to add to your vapes and you should be fine. 

How to use CBD oil in vape pen?

There are two ways you can use them: 

  1. If the CBD vape pen is disposable, then you just buy it, vape it (though, like, a hundred or two inhales) and throw it out in the garbage when it depletes. 
  2. If the CBD vape pen is refillable after you vape it out to depletion, you can pour in a new liquid for vaping, which can be different from the original filling:
    1. In the ratio of THC and CBD in it
    2. In a flavor
    3. In the content of PG and VG in it and their ratio to one another (thus, you control the volume of clouds created by your vaping device)
    4. In the amount of it (you don’t have to fill it to the neck, you can just try a smaller amount if you’re in an active phase of experimentation).

No matter of the form-factor of your CBD vape pen and whether it is disposable or refillable, manufacturers offer plenty forms of those in the section – rectangles, circles, octagons, hexagons, flattened, half-round, close to roundness. You can choose from a variety of shapes, as today’s market is rich with choice.

What is a refillable CBD vape pen?

In a refillable device, there will be ports to interact with a charging station (as your battery needs charge-up from time to time, which is usually enough for a few hundred inhales). Also, there will likely to be access to change the metal coil inside, which gets heated and heats up the liquid so to make vapor – as it needs to be replaced from time to time. If you don’t have access to the coil, this model is partially refillable. It will likely serve you maybe 10-20 recharges until it dies – and you will be obliged to buy another one. This option might cost lesser than the one with access to the coil change (ideally, there should be access to the battery change, as it does not last forever, too) but, in the long run, you will invest more if you need to buy more such pens if you can’t change coil.

However, bear in mind that MOST models come without a possibility to replace coil and battery – as this is the prerogative of full-fledged vaping devices, which are big, clumsy, and don’t fit into your pocket that easily as CBD vape pens do. That’s why they are called ‘pens’ – so they can fit practically anywhere, where pen fits. 

Pros of the refillable CBD vape pen

  1. It is more cost-effective, as disposable CBD vape pens have a higher ratio of the price compared to how many CBD vape liquid is inside of them. As you can recharge and refill for a number of times, in the long run, they are cheaper than those you throw away.
  2. You can adjust how you want your air to flow out of the pen – in the mouth cavity (so you inhale with resistance) or directly into the lungs (so no significant efforts are applied). Most vapers prefer inhaling directly into the lungs.
  3. You can try many flavors and mixtures using the same device.
  4. It is compact nearly the same as the disposable variance.
  5. As a rule, bigger cloud production than in disposable options.

Cons of the refillable CBD vape pen

  1. The initial investment to purchase it is larger than with the disposable thing.
  2. You have to learn how to treat your device – as it has some interaction buttons on its hull and containers to fill. Also, it may need keeping it clean and maintained otherwise – so some time is needed, as well as advice of a seller or your vaping pals.
  3. It requires maintenance from time to time, which is mostly charging and filling it with a pre-manufactured liquid for vaping or the one you do on your own (which should be easier if you have done it previously if you are a vaper with history).
  4. It is less discreet.

What is a disposable CBD vape pen?

You can control neither the power of smoke that is obtained in the process nor the density of the obtained vape. Also, as a rule, a disposable container does not allow you to control anything else, as it usually does not have any buttons on its surface – just a plain hull, which reacts to your inhales automatically.

So after it depleted in 1-2 hundreds of inhales, you just throw it away and grab another. Despite the seemingly squandering treatment to resources, this is a better option for those, who don’t have time or desire to get into the nuances of vaping and maintenance. All that you do is just start vaping it and, after receiving your portion of CBD, THC or nicotine, you just throw the container away. It’s as easy as it can be – nothing simper is possible.

Pros of the disposable CBD vape pen

  • It has more sleeky design than a refillable CBD vape pen, as it is thinner, as a rule, and more resembling a pen
  • It is more affordable in price in the short run – buying 1 disposable should cost less than 1 refillable. Also, if you aren’t sure whether you are going to smoke regularly and simply wanna try for the first time – disposable is just what you need. Especially if you’re experimenting with different content of what’s inside (which may be CBD, THC, nicotine in different proportions).
  • You don’t have to know anything about how to use CBD oil in a vape pen – vape down and here you go. There are even no interaction possibilities with the tool – you just vape to get your dose of CBD and that’s it.
  • A prefilled CBD vape pen is more lightweight, sometimes, several times than the refillable variance.

Cons of the disposable CBD vape pen

  • You cannot interact with it and thus, cannot influence the power of vape & its clouds, and how many vapes will be coming out of the tube for each separate inhale (usually, about 2 mg are inhaled at a time). So it will not be possible for you to inhale straight to the lungs. Only mouth intake and then sending of the cloud into the lungs is possible with a disposable CBD vape pen. No inconvenience – it’s just harder to make an inhale due to the impossibility to regulate interaction with a one-time CBD vape pen.
  • Limited selection – not every seller is oriented at the flamboyant line of one-time devices, so the choice is likely to be scarce. It is possible that this or that manufacturer will not have such models at all. Also, if you’re buying such a device in some airport area or a bus hub, the choice can be really scarce.
  • It is possible that your device will come with a half-charged battery or something else will be broken or not giving you enough satisfaction. This may happen because the quality of all expendables is lower than in the models that are built to last – so don’t be wondering if you’re unlucky.

What are the best CBD vape pens?

Below, we are considering some best CBD vape pens for your attention – 5 nice options as for the US consumers.  

The top-1 product in CBD vape pens: CBDfx Terpenes Vape Pen

You can acquire it here: vaping360.com/link/best-cbd-pens-chart1-terpenes-pen-cbdfx. What makes this CBD vape pen especial is that it is a disposable option of high quality filled with 50 mg of high-grade CBD supplemented by terpenes – flavors of nature, which give cannabis its bright taste and smell.

CBDfx Vape Pen best disposable CBD vape pen

Buy it here: vaping360.com/link/best-cbd-pens-chart2-cbd-vape-pen-cbdfx. Every pen offers 30 mg of pure CBD of the full spectrum. This is another disposable product, which is good enough for a few hundred vapes, which are going to give you the desired buzz.

Hemp Bombs Disposable best vape pen for CBD oil

Inside of this thing, there is 125 mg of CBD made of concentrate and safe for health. Simply activate the vaping mechanism with a draw and you can do about 150 puffs until the container is completely exhausted. You can cherry-pick from several flavors and enjoy all day round.

Stanley Brothers CBD vape pen reviews

If you love the special taste of watermelon (yummy!), ripe strawberry or amazing light yet strong-staying vanilla, you should definitely try vape by Stanley Brothers. This company is known for delivering sustainable quality in all their products, no matter if this is a super simple CBD oil or high-end CBD vape pen. You can enjoy 100 mg of CBD without any hustle and bustle – just start your vape and get high of the outcome. Request your product with a nice -20% discount here: vaping360.com/link/best-cbd-pens-product-stanley-brothers-dv.

ASH CBD Vape Pen

Last but not least – ASH CBD Vape Pen is the choice of wise Americans, who wanna enjoy whooping 250 mg of CBD inside of the container. PG & VG included in this CBD oil vape pen starter kit. Pick from a variety of refreshing flavors. We recommend citrus.

Where it is possible to buy CBD vape pen?

We offer you to take a look at really staggering online shop vaping360.com, which is all about vaping CBD and where you can buy CBD vape pen online. You can know about the CBD vape pen near me. It is filled with great good-to-know articles, comparisons of products, CBD vape pen for sale with a discount, and many novelties, which are gathered in one place.