CBD vape oil

CBD vape oil has been around on everyone’s tongues for years already. In 2019, CBD vape oil’s popularity grew significantly, after the passage of the Farm Bill in December 2019, which made all hemp grown in a proper way legal across the US on the federal level (turning its illegality into legality). 

Since then, the lands used for crops of hemp, a plant, from which CBD vape oil is derived, grew up in over 4 times, taking 120+ thousand acres of lands across the US, boosting the income of local farmers and with prognosis to reach soon 200+ thousand acres in a year or two. Currently, this is one of the most financially promising crops. You can see entire forests of harvest in Colorado, Wyoming, Kentucky, and California.

No wonder that a host of products is made from CBD as the chemical substance, as it has several stunning preferences compared to THC:

  • It does not make its users “high” as it is in the case with THC, which is prohibited federally because of that (but allowed in 33 states and some US lands locally)
  • It makes many health issues much more relieving, as it lowers many types of pains in the body of humans and pets. It is advantageous for the stomach, heart, intestines, brain, and eyes. In the section “What are CBD vape oil effects”, we are going to discuss those CBD vape oil effects for health in more details
  • Most often than not, CBD vape oil does not have side effects on the body – and even if it is, they are so largely smaller than the ones with synthetic drugs, especially with benzodiazepines, which cause severe addiction and withdrawal syndrome.

Please note that it has recently become no longer permitted to buy or sell online CBD vape products and e-liquids in the states of Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Washington – because of many pieces of negative news about people’s deaths connected to vaping.

What is CBD vape oil?

Despite the fact that CBD vape oil has the word “oil” in its name, it is not oil at all. This mistake is done by thousands of vapers every year, especially the beginners and those who don’t want to seek for a piece of professional advice on vaping or find out on the Internet, what’s the difference. This is why we see today so many negative news about people with completely clogged up lungs, who suffer and die. Across the US only, there are 50+ such people and who knows how many more clog their lungs right now.

People, behold what is CBD vape oil: CBD vape oil is actually a combination of CBD isolate and PG + VG (or just one, PG or VG in the content). There is 0% content of absolutely any oily substance in the vaping CBD. So it is expedient to call it a ‘juice’ or ‘e-CBD vape’. We suppose, if vaping substances wouldn’t have ‘oil’ in their name, those people with clogged lungs were alive today.

PG & VG are the substances that are known for vapers of e-cigarettes. These are Propylene Glycol (received from petroleum) and its natural derivation received from plants. They make it possible to ‘vape’ – produce the dense clouds of smoke, which a person inhales. Depending on their ratio in the vaping juice, you can have denser or less dense clouds. 

It is possible to smoke your electronic cigarettes with the content of pure CBD vape oil in it or without, just inhaling clouds of nicotine. You can find both instances on the market. Also, depending on the territory where you are, you can find cassettes with THC in them – which can be a pure substance or with CBD added to it in some proportion. The exact rate of nicotine, CBD, and THC is up to the user to decide to vape. Actually, it’s quite interesting to make experiments on your own, creating something the market does not have (to the surprise of your friends and relatives).

In flavored CBD vape oil, one can find many flavors, to a bigger or lesser extent. Certainly, there exist pure options but they are not at the top of popularity because of the natural scent of CBD substance, which has an earthy flavor, which stays for a long time and it is defined as not too pleasant by many people. You can find nearly any flavor of your CBD vape oil today: mono flavors and complex flavors. Some of them are:

  • Kiwi
  • Fruity cereal
  • Milk – pure or with additions
  • Blue raspberry
  • Watermelon
  • Glazed chocolate donut
  • Vanilla cupcake swirl
  • Fruits or berries
  • Desserts
  • Menthol
  • Sweet mango
  • Fresh strawberry milk
  • Banana
  • Pineapple
  • Baked custard
  • Lemon haze
  • Cheese and others.

The list is largely depending on manufacturers and what it is ready to offer online or offline.

If you are not sure what you want and don’t have any experience with CBD vape oil benefits at all, it is preferable for you to buy just some vape pen, which is already pre-filled with the vaping substance and is good enough for 100-200 inhales. What you also should know is that you can use any vaping device to use CBD vape oil – the one for THC and the one for regular e-cigarettes are good enough. But if you do not want to mix any, it is expedient to have three different vaping devices for three: THC, CBD vape oil, and regular e-nicotine. 

What are CBD vape oil effects?

The effects on the health of people and pets are huge. Despite the fact that the Food and Drug Administration of the US (hereinafter – the “FDA”) is not that positive about the health benefits of CBD vape oil for the body of any creature on Earth, multiple pieces of the study show that effects are indeed present.

So, here are the CBD vape oil reviews of effects:

  1. Brain
    1. As anti-anxiety and anti-depression remedy.
    2. Showing neuroprotective properties.
    3. As a powerful antioxidant.
  2. Stomach
    1. Controls appetite, eliminating swings to both sides, making it evener and more corresponding to the actual physical needs of a body.
    2. Acts as an anti-emetic remedy.
  3. Bones
    1. Heals and reduces pain in bones, joints, and ligaments.
    2. Takes off inflammations in bones and connective tissues.
    3. Stimulates growth and more rapid restoration of bone tissue after damages and due to ailments.
    4. Strengthens them.
    5. If a patient is affected by osteoporosis, he or she gets well faster with an intake of CBD vape oil.
  4. Eyes
    1. Fights glaucoma.
    2. Makes eye nerves more relaxed (acts as a vasorelaxant).
  5. Heart system
    1. Makes the work of heart smoother.
    2. Fights atherosclerosis.
    3. Prevents the formation of plaques in arteries.
  6. Intestines
    1. Has anti-prokinetic action.

Along with that, one should know that CBD vape oil, as well as any other CBD-containing product, is digested by the liver, making its half-life from 4 to 5 days. So if you have any liver ailment or bad work, you should either refrain from using CBD or talk to your physician first in order to understand whether CBD vape oil is going to give you any good. Actually, before starting taking any product based on CBD, it is quite smart to go to see your doctor and ask whether you should take CBD at all, in what doses, and what harm it can bring to your body. If a doctor says you should not take any CBD, we recommend you to listen, as he or she can be right for a number of reasons:

  • Currently, there are no trustworthy pieces of research exist, which unambiguously reveal the long-term and cumulative effect of CBD vape oil on the body (human or pet). Thus, what brings you better sleep today may turn, for instance, cancerogenic in the future. This knowledge will only come with time and a bigger number of involved countries into research. As far as we can tell, Israel is increasingly adding itself to the area of research of CBD products. In any case, years should pass so we can see definite results.
  • There are no enough clinical tests and studies so to tell what is the exact mechanism of action of CBD on the body and each specific ailment or condition, which it affects. So, what is now considered ‘a beneficial effect’, may actually turn the destruction of the body. We don’t know this yet.

Can CBD vape oil get you high?

To put it shortly, no: no CBD vape oil gets you high. Unlike THC, which is the main active substance of marijuana, CBD vape oil is not psychoactive (at least, in the way as THC is). It does interact with the human endocannabinoid system but not in the manner, as THC does. 

But what CBD vape oil can do is to make you ‘melted’, which some people may characterize as ‘stoned’. But it will be a different, better kind of stoning, which THC or alcohol delivers. Some people also call it ‘flying’ and they are not so far from the truth. 

We would like to warn you from taking CBD vape oil together with alcohol – as the effect is nearly unpredictable and hard to say for sure, whether you will feel better or worse. As a rule, CBD aggravates the effects of alcohol, largely boosting your body’s intoxication (as both substances are actively digested by the liver). So whether you may refrain from combining these two – please, do so. If you have never taken CBD vape oil before, it is advisable not to do it for the first time together with alcohol – as the effect may be largely unpleasant to you. 

The biggest action of CBD vape oil immediately seen is making you relaxed. To a large cohort of people, CBD vape oil helps fall asleep and stay asleep for the entire night. The obvious choice of many Americans in favor of CBD vape oil is because of almost instant action (usually, it only takes minutes for the action to manifest itself) and the absence of side effects, which are vast in most of the chemical drugs. Also, no matter how long you take CBD vape oil, there are no reports from users currently exist about the occurrence of the withdrawal effect – so it is possible to stop taking it at any time without adverse health effects.

Now, as you can see, the biggest effect of CBD vape oil is relaxation, not buzzing, like THC can give you.

How to vape CBD oil?

The answer to the question of how to vape CBD oil and how much CBD oil should I vape depends on multiple factors. 

      1. What form-factor of the device for vaping you use. Currently, there are several types of them on the market: refillable and non-refillable (one-time) pens, and full-fledged vaping systems consisting of two parts. 
        • The one-time devices do not require any further action from a user after they are bought but the vaping itself. After they are depleted, they are simply thrown away. These devices are cheap and cannot interact with the user otherwise but giving him or her clouds of CBD vape oil. Think of them as cigarettes – you throw out the bud after you smoke an entire cigarette.
        • Refillable pens are ones that have a port to plug the charging device in and their tank with CBD vape oil opens to the user access so people can refill. Sometimes, it is possible to change the coil, as it exhausts in 10-20-30 uses. They are costlier than non-refillable models and offer its users to play with different fillers. Think of these as a cigarette case, which gets refilled with new cigarettes from time to time. 
        • Full-fledged systems are the costliest option on the market. They have access to all inner parts to be changed and they can serve as long as years. You can change not only liquid for vaping inside of them but also all spare parts – basically, all but a hull. With this case, as with the previous one, you can prepare own CBD vape juices and play with the content of PG, VG, CBD, THC, and nicotine in them. You can also add aromas to your taste and make clouds of smoke more and less dense. 
      2. What substance you are to vape. 
        • It is known that smoker requires much more nicotine to be used during the day – so he or she can smoke probably the same number of times per day as he or she would otherwise smoke cigarettes. For some, a few is enough. For others, 3 packs daily are consumed. This is highly individual. 
        • When it comes to CBD vape oil, taking into account that around 1-2 mg of pure CBD is inhaled with each puff, a person might get enough of only 100-200 puffs during the day. This may be like 10-15 minutes of vaping per day and that’s it. 
        • And when it comes to THC, as it has a much more profound psycho effect on the body, it may be enough to have like 20-50 puffs to get high, which will last for hours. So, it is a matter of 1-4 minutes to get to this height. So if a person does not have a goal to stay stoned throughout the day entirely, 1-2 times of THC smoking a day and the same amount for CBD is usually enough. While for nicotine, anything between 5… 20 times of smoking a day can be possible. 
        • And, finally, when it comes to mixtures of those – the thing will depend on proportions, a goal of a vaper, and personal tolerance to the mixture.
      3. Your personal tolerance to CBD vape juice. If someone is happy about 1 time of vaping during the day, another person may be not, undertaking it like 5 times. 

So to answer, you have to rely on the feelings you have after the first vaping session – and correct the strength of juice and the number of smokes properly. 

Can CBD vape oil be taken orally?

Yes. Despite the fact that CBD vape oil is primarily designed for vaping, users also can apply it to put under a tongue to dissolve. Several droplets of the remedy are enough – but to define, how many droplets you have to take, see the potency of the remedy first. Unlike many other products containing CBD, the potency is indicated for an entire bottle, not for 1 intake or for 1 piece. For instance, if it is said that there are 500 mg, it means that your entire bottle of CBD vape oil of 30 or 50 ml contains that much CBD. Medical calculations say that 1 mg contains roughly 17 drops. So you can calculate that your 30-ml bottle has 500 droplets, which is roughly 1 mg of CBD per 1 droplet. It’s good to work with nice-looking round numbers, right? The same, if you have the potency of 1,000 mg per a 30-ml bottle, every drop contains 2 mg of the active substance. 

So, if you need to take 20 mg, then apply 20 drops into your mouth.

Can CBD vape oil be taken orally? If you hate pipettes or think that this way is not too esthetic, then you can pre-soak your food with CBD vape oil droplets and take it when the time is right. Also, it is easy to add those to your drinks, especially, smoothies, as it allows the end product to be homogenous thanks to a blender you use to prepare it (as if you add oil droplets to your coffee, you can discover these two liquids do not mix well).

Following the same logic, you can freely add CBD vape oil to any of your drink or food – even to a slice of pizza, you’re having for the lunch. 

Best CBD vape oil reviews

Below, we want to introduce you to 5 non-flavored options (we are covering flavored ones below, submitting their top-5 as well). 

Pure CBD vape oil benefits

Before we proceed with our rating, it is worth mentioning that you should pick the potency of the remedy as it is needed by your body mass (ideally). Despite the fact there is no single widely adopted table of intake, good for everyone, based on people’s feedback and what we know because of working in the industry, we can recommend you to use the following data as the reference when making your decision:

  • Your weight is 80-150 pounds: take 12, 15, or 18 mg at a time to receive low, medium, or high effect
  • Your weight is 151-240 pounds: take 18, 23, or 27 mg to receive low, medium, or high effect
  • Your weight is over 240 pounds: take 23, 30, or 45 mg respectively.

As for the effect of pure CBD vape oil – it is absolutely the same as the one with flavors, only it is not as much liked by people as ones with flavors. The reason is that CBD has a strong natural flavor of earth, grass, or mushrooms. It stays in the oral cavity for quite a while and may interfere with what people eat and drink. By flavoring it, people get rid of long-lasting aftereffects and can consume other foods and drinks in a short while, tasting them to the fullest.

The top-1 product in CBD vape oils: Avida CBD flavorless

Where to buy CBD vape oil? You can acquire it here: avidacbd.com/shop/flavorless-additive-cbd-oil. Also, it comes in a collection of four – with three other options, flavored. Those other flavors are “Manga Mango”, “Blue Razz”, and “Berry Grape”. What is good about this CBD vape oil: it is non-GMO, completely pure from any possible traces of fertilizers and pesticides (as they aren’t used in growing of hemp plants), with natural terpenes to enhance your user experience to the maximum. It is completely purified from any THC, as the manufacturer wants to deliver its customers only high-end products, which will suit the needs of everyone, even those users who may undergo the drug test in their workplaces. It is made with the purest CBD isolate. 

Blue Moon hemp

Shop it here with a nice -15% discount: vaping360.com/link/best-cbd-oils-product-blue-moon-hemp-dv.

A nice-looking bottle of 30 mg performed in blue color delivers you several options of potency: 100, 200, 300, 400, 1,000 mg in a flask. It comes from pure herbicide-free industrial hemp and contains an optimal amount of PG and VG to make clouds of average density. 

Any option of CBDfx company

It is easily acquired on its page: cbdfx.com. The option without flavor is cbdfx.com/products/gelato-cbd-terpenes-vape-pen-50mg, named ‘Gelato’. It is a vape pen, which should be enough for you for a few hundred puffs, after which you just get rid of the emptied hull. It is pre-loaded with the substance with natural terpenes, which are exactly ones creating this fresh and long-lasting flavor of natural hemp. You can now opt for it for $19.99 or pick a pack of 4 (including ones that are flavored) for $50.97, making the economy in 9 dollars.


You can shop those products here: hempbombs.com/cbd-vape-products. 

Here, you can buy CBD vape oil, one of the most high-potency remedies – up to 4,000 mg in a flask of 120 ml (this option comes for $299.99). They split VG and PG in one of the ‘golden proportions’ of vapes – 70 to 30. They only bring to their bottles only high-quality extracts.

MeetHarmony original hemp

The CBD vape oil near me is purchased here: meetharmony.com/products/harmony-cbd-classic-hemp. Completely flavorless, it only gives you the sensation of pure connection to nature. It is described by the manufacturer as a light nutty scent, which is completely about terpenes that make the flavor of the product. You can buy the product in 4 options – 30, 100, 300, 600 ml with different potency: 3, 10, 30, 60 mg/1 ml. The more pieces you buy, the lesser is the price (-10% comes when you ship 10+ pieces at a time). 

Another nice option: flavored CBD vape oil

When it comes to perfecting the user experience, there is nothing better than good flavor. At the dawn of CBD vape oils, many people were complaining about the taste in their mouths and noses. This flavor used to ruin a positive impression about vaping the liquid nearly entirely. Now the problem is solved – in addition to thousands of foods and drinks with CBD with imaginable and unimaginable flavors, the manufacturers have also considered adding nice ones to CBD vape oils. We are considering nice 5 options below, based on their flavor but also on their quality.

The top-1 product in flavored CBD vape oils: CBDfx Vape Pen

All you gotta do to acquire this CBD vape oil for sale with -20% off is to click here and complete the purchase: vaping360.com/link/cbd-vaping-101-cbdfx-pen. It has the flavor marketed as “Tropic Breeze”. It is disposable and will not need any action from a user once depleted – just get rid of it with one throw.

CBDfx Vape Juice

It is purchased here: vaping360.com/link/cbd-vaping-101-cbdfx-vape-juice. You can pick from several nice flavors, including Strawberry & Kiwi, Strawberry Milk, Fruity Cereal, Blue Raspberry, and others. We’re sure that not everyone knows how, for instance, strawberry & kiwi sound together. This is your chance to try – with a different set of potency in the line (250, 500, and 1,000 mg).

HempBombs with flavors

One of the juiciest options in the line is ‘Exotic Watermelon’ from there: hempbombs.com/product/4000mg-cbd-120ml-e-liquid. It’s like an explosion of summer freshness in your mouth! It is nearly impossible to describe your sensations when watermelon gets from harvest into your lungs through cloudy vaping of this excellent remedy with an impressive list of potencies. Besides the mentioned flavor, you can also be pampered by any of 14 other ones! The list is as such:

  • Arctic Spearmint 
  • Sugar Cookie 
  • Honeydew Melon
  • Sweet Mango 
  • Pineapple Paradise
  • Vanilla Cupcake 
  • Glazed Chocolate Donut
  • Colombian Coffee
  • Whipped Marshmallow 
  • Blueberry Jam
  • Fresh Strawberry Milk
  • Fruity Bedrock
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Southern Peach.

Manga Mango Avida CBD

Acquire yours here: avidacbd.com/shop/manga-mango-cbd-oil.

For $34.99… $94.99, you can obtain 250, 500, or 1,000 mg of the potency of the remedy. It is freed from pesticides, herbicides, THC, and is being constantly tested by a third-party lab to make sure sustainable quality. The flavor of it is composed of two types of the juiciest mangoes known to this manufacturer: Honey Mango and Alfonso Mango to make tangy yet sweet option – a real exotic paradise in a bottle. 

Savage CBD

It is acquirable here: vaping360.com/link/best-cbd-oils-product-savage-cbd-dv.

You will be delighted by all its tasty flavors, which include fruits, desserts, and sweet candies. It is like a choice of CBD vape oil in a confectionary store. Also, buying it from vaping360.com, you make the economy of 15% of the regular retail price.

Best CBD vape oil for anxiety

All CBD vape oils are positioned as full-specter of action (as well as most other CBD-containing products), which makes it actually impossible to say that some CBD vape oil has been made only for anxiety or not, let’s say, for blood vessel issues. Which would be the best CBD vape oil for anxiety, however? We personally recommend you to find CBD vape oil with an addition of soothing flavors like green tea or melissa.

Where to buy CBD vape oil?

Throughout the article and especially by the end of it, we have given you over 10 links to buy CBD vape oil. You can start with them to buy the best CBD vape oil.