CBD oil for dogs

How much do we know about CBD for dogs? Happy owners of pets are in many things similar to happy new parents of a newborn baby. Yes, they will play a lot with this fluffy little ball of fur – but in addition to that, there come such things as giving food, water, and treats. They have to think about keeping cleanliness, organizing a place to sleep and play, and other issues. Amongst those others, there are CBD treats for dogs.

What they are? These are foods, chews, pills, and liquids with the addition of CBD for dogs. 

CBD is the chemical substance in the line of cannabinoids, which are found in the natural cannabis plant. In recreational and medical marijuana, there is a lot more THC than CBD, with their ratios like 30% and 5% (with the rest 65% of the volume taken by auxiliary substances, including other cannabinoids, which do not have that power as the named two). Natural cannabis has over 130 chemical substances (as it is known today), including the vastness of useful stuff for people and pets:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • micro and macro elements of Mendeleev Table
  • fatty acids useful for the body
  • natural oils
  • terpenes (flavors, which give marijuana its natural recognizable smell and taste).

But when it comes not to medical or recreational marijuana, which is not always legal across the States, there comes industrial hemp – another marijuana species, Cannabis Sativa L. It has around 0.3% of THC and over 20%-30% of CBD oil in its content (mostly, in stems and flowers). In 2019, it is legal to grow, sell, own, and use CBD with the content of THC under 0.3% of the dry mass across the US on the federal level (local state laws apply, however, and given that it is grown within the regulations of the Farm Bill of 2018, which imposes some additional limitations to the growth, harvesting, production, and turnover).

Currently, CBD-containing products differ by the content of THC:

  • 0.3% of THC inclusively
  • 0.0%-0.3% of THC
  • 0.0% of THC.

This is done because of some state requirements and because even the smallest amounts of THC can still make people and pets ‘high’. Let’s consider below, does CBD oil work for dogs.

CBD oil benefits for dogs

Pets (dogs and cats) have similar functioning of the body to the human. Our bodies are not identical, obviously, and there is no 100% match in all functions. But mostly, around 95% of the entire chain of chemical processes happens the same. If to look into the DNA, we see that 25% of the genome code is exactly the same between dogs and humans (with 75% of all other gene’s alleles differ). While humans have 3.3 billion ‘letters’ in each DNA sequence and 23 chromosomes, dogs have 2.8 billion ‘letters’ in 39 chromosomes. This makes us differing organisms – but not like completely different, as if evolved on planets in light-years away. As we have told just now, around 95% of chemical reactions our bodies produce on a daily basis are the same or closely similar.

This factually means that we have similar organic systems – hearts + blood vessels, digestive, gastrointestinal tract, vision, ligaments, bones, soft tissues, internal organs, hearing, and hair… The count may continue but you get the point. What is interesting for us in the topic of this article is that we have nearly the same endocannabinoid system in our bodies – which is responsible for the balance of functioning of everything in our bodies. So while each specific organ fulfills its purpose doing a number of things it is supposed to do, thanks to the endocannabinoid system, each organ can function with optimal power throughout each day of our lives, producing exactly the same amount of chemical reactions and taking as many nutritious substances as it should. This system has been discovered in our bodies just a few decades ago. It is still under study to know more about it.

So when THC or CBD-containing substances get into the human and pet body, they react with the endocannabinoid system, producing nearly the same result. So the things CBD does for the human body, it also does for pets:

  • skin state and functioning (including better wounds healing)
  • better growth of bones and teeth, making them stronger 
  • vision
  • brain functioning
  • joints and ligaments – better work and elasticity
  • affecting pain, seizures, panic attacks, sleep, calmness, and anxiety.

What we know for sure is that CBD chews for dogs do work. But we don’t know today (the same as we don’t know it for humans for sure) how exactly it works – whether it just alleviates the symptoms of some ailment or state of the body or it works deeper and heals somehow while relieving is just an effect on the surface. Veterinary doctors, to whom we have addressed, also don’t tell this – and they aren’t to blame. The thing is that there are too few pieces of research exist today to say for sure.

For this reason, the Food and Drug Administration (a part of United States Department of Health and Human Services of the US) did not approve the usage of CBD pills for dogs or for humans, and did not give any recommendation about the action, intake, dosages, adverse and positive effects of CBD substance. So we consider that the industry is largely under-regulated. 

Because we don’t know for sure, how CBD oil dosage for dogs should be defined correctly (and depending on the breed, if there is any dependence), a lot of misunderstanding in the pet owners exists. So, in the absence of reliable and sufficient studies, we have to rely on what vet doctors tell based on their practice. And they tell that it alleviates the symptoms of:

  • pain
  • anxiety
  • agitation
  • fear (especially at night, when the lights come down)
  • cancer.

It must be noted that we are speaking only about the symptoms – not the ailments themselves. There is no reliable evidence that CBD oil for dogs treats any ailments or diseases. Also, the symptoms of cancer are not given that much by cancer itself but the therapy a dog undergoes (vomiting, drowsiness, frequent going to the toilet, loss of hair, and others).

Vets owning dogs say that CBD oil is helpful for better sleeping – as receiving a treat with CBD oil for dogs near me, a pet goes to sleep in a short while, losing the agitation it might have previously had. 

Also, according to vet doctors, despite the fact that our bodies have such close biochemistry, it is important to give your pets only pet-adjusted CBD products. There are several reasons for that:

  • Their bodies are naturally smaller – even if your dog is a small cow, it still isn’t 200 pounds in weight, as a man can be. So, they need an adjusted dosage. There are no reference tables for correct dosages that exist online for all cases, so we have to resort to what manufacturers provide. For instance, the site www.honestpaws.com says the following:
    • if your pet in weight is up to 25 pounds, then it should be 1 intake per day of 4.2 mg (1.0 ml of their remedy from the bottle with the potency of 125 mg per 1 flask)
    • if your pet in weight is 25-50 pounds, then it should be 1 intake per day of 8.3 mg (1.0 ml of their remedy from the bottle with the potency of 250 mg per 1 flask or 2.0 ml of the 125-mg remedy)
    • if your pet in weight is over 50 pounds, then it should be 1 intake per day of 16.7 mg (1.0 ml of their remedy from the bottle with the potency of 500 mg per 1 flask, or 2.0 ml of the 250-mg remedy, or 4.0 ml of the 125-mg remedy). 

It is easy to measure 1 ml – they give a pipette of 1.0 mg to each flask.

  • Overdose is important. There are cases known when pets were killed by a too-large portion of CBD (the same as CBD + THC in the content). When you are giving your pet any human-suited remedy, it is hard to measure the potency correctly. When giving it the pet remedy, it is, on the contrary, hard to make a mistake.
  • Toxicity. While CBD is considered generally safe when you stick to the dosage, other things in the jar may be toxic for your pet (while completely okay for humans). Is CBD oil safe for dogs? Well, if you give a human version of CBD to your dog, which contains THC (more than 0%), the THC itself makes a pet ‘stoned’, which may naturally last up to several days! (Depending on how much you give). During this period, your pet isn’t happy about anything, and it may be that it won’t be able to stand on paws, walk or eat. Also, when you give a pet CBD oil for dogs Amazon in a product with a high content of raisins, chocolate, or coffee, the action on the pet’s body enhances significantly (and this combination can be more toxic than THC alone). Also, added flavors or sweeteners like Xylitol, completely okay for humans, are toxic for animals and pets. So, if you don’t have any pet version of CBD, do not give your pet a human-version remedy.

Below, we are discussing some health benefits of CBD oil for dogs’ reviews. But you should be aware that, the same as with humans, CBD oil may not work for pets. As every human and every pet is an individual with own biochemistry, it may be the case that CBD oil does not affect at all. If you see that, after you have given the remedy to a pet, nothing happens in 30 minutes or so, DO NOT give your pet another dose. You can try to increase the dose next time (at least, 24 hours have to pass before you do) but it is inadvisable to give another dose immediately for the sake of those reasons:

  1. Your pet is not affected now but increasing the dose in a short time may cause unpredictable results, up to fatal.
  2. Your pet is affected but does not show it (or you don’t see the changes). In this case, doubling the dose may be bad or fatal. 

It is always important to stick to the correct dosages (as you don’t want to kill your pet, right?) – we will keep saying it. The importance of sticking to the dosage is also high because pets can’t talk and they can’t tell you how they feel – even if they feel extremely bad.

CBD oil for dogs with anxiety

Reports say that anxiety gets smaller in pets the same as in people. CBD oil for dogs with anxiety works, as far as we can guesstimate. Most often than not, the reaction to anxiety and agitation comes within 30 minutes after the intake. A pet, which has issues and disturbances of sleep, will go to bed not agitated and should sleep calmer during the entire sleeping period (which is not obligatorily nighttime, as people take their nap). 

If not for inducing sleep, then CBD oil benefits for dogs include making a pet calmer generally so it does all the normal chores with smoother mood.

CBD oil for dogs with arthritis

Arthritis is a type of pain in joints, most often. It may cause stiffness and pain inside, while manifested in reddening, swelling, and warmth outside. As CBD oil for dogs is able to lower pain, pain in arthritis gets smaller. Swelling and excessive heat reduce. Acting as an anti-inflammatory remedy, CBD oil for dogs helps them feel much less worried about this ailment and so they can move freer than without the intake of CBD oil for dogs. It is believed that over time, your pet with arthritis will be more invigorated and active than without it. 

CBD for dogs with seizures

Depending on a type of seizure, CBD oil for dogs will be more or less helpful. In May 2019, the results of one small study became known. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital conducted a piece of research for 16 dogs with seizures. After the course of giving them CBD oil ended, the results showed that 88% of the studied pets (14 out of 16) had a reduction in the frequency of seizures. It was also revealed that the severeness of seizures became lesser in some of them. However, this study is about a very small group and, in a much larger group, the results may be diametrical. We do not discourage you to give your pet CBD oil but we simply warn you that there may be no result at all.

CBD oil for dogs with cancer

CBD oil for dogs does not treat cancer, it only alleviates its symptoms. It not only treats some symptoms of canine cancer but CBD oil for dogs with cancer also helps pet patients in such areas:

  • supports the medication given to treat their tumor
  • alleviates nausea and partially restores the appetite
  • improves the quality of sleep
  • gives more powers to the immune system
  • pain is reduced, as well as inflammation, too.

In order to reach these effects, the intake of CBD oil for dogs must be organized on a regular basis, based on what your vet doctor tells – as the dosages for a dog without ailment may be significantly different from the ones having it. 

Does CBD oil work for dogs?

Above, we have considered a few applications of CBD oil for dogs. It works in most cases – given that the dosage and the system are observed. It may not work for your pet individually because of the personal peculiarity of biochemistry but it does work systematically. 

If you have any questions or doubts – it is recommended to visit your pet doctor first. However, bear in mind that you too, as a pet owner, have to study the matter using publically accessible materials online to discover more information about it, as your pet doctor may not be aware of effective application of CBD oil for dogs and may not have had any practice in it yet. 

Consider that CBD oil for dogs’ side effects may be observed. They include:

  • vomiting
  • heavy drooling
  • nausea
  • sleepiness
  • agitation
  • stomach pain in certain cases.

Also, pay attention to the additional products that you give to your dog with CBD oil for dogs. There is a list of those, which can aggravate the CBD effect – you can find them online.

Hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs: is there difference?

There is a huge difference in CBD oil for dogs and hemp oil. 

  1. Hemp oil does not have any psychoactive or ailment’s symptoms treatment effect because it simply does not interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body. It is just food oil, just like you consume for cooking and frying on your kitchen (and it stands in line with palm oil, coconut oil, or olive oil). It is received from hulled or non-hulled seeds of Cannabis Sativa L. by cold pressing. 
  2. Hemp oil is largely used in food and beauty industries, as it bears nutritious value for the body – thanks to the richness in fatty acids like Omega-3, 6, 9, micro and macro elements, vitamins, nice smell (not like CBD oil smells). It is great for salads and pouring onto some food and soups, not for frying or baking (because of the low smoking point).

Bear in mind that some manufacturers of CBD oil for dogs actually lower the % of the content of CBD in the product and add more hemp oil – hoping that their consumers won’t know or won’t feel the difference. Some recent independent studies of the chemical content of some CBD-containing products for pets and people have shown that there is much lesser CBD inside of them and much more hemp, palm, or coconut oils added than the label says. Greedy manufacturers sell the product for the same or a little lower price, lowering its factual potency. That is, when you are going to purchase CBD oil for dogs, you should consult your vet doctor first to obtain the right product of the right potency – even if it costs a buck or two more than the one you can find on the Internet. Otherwise, there is a chance that you just treat your pet with nutritious and delicious but low-potency remedy, hijacking a buck from your own pocket. 

Best CBD oil for dogs reviews

Below, we are considering the nice options for giving CBD oil to your dog. The most popular form-factors on the market are:

  • Treats
  • Chews
  • Pills.

Nice CBD treats for dogs

Treats with CBD oil for dogs are the bites, which can be shaped in any form – hearts, small paws, and even pieces of juicy roast beef. Below, we are presenting you with high-class treats with organic CBD oil for dogs.

The top-1 product of CBD treats for dogs: Medipets CBD

You can acquire them here (the link to the manufacturer: medipetscbd.com/collections/pet-treats).

Over 20 types of merch are offered in the online catalog of this company. In addition to the vastness of breeds of dogs, which you can cherry-pick for your dog’s breed, there are two products for cats (‘Tartar Control’ and ‘Purrs and Puffs’). You can find a huge selection of flavors, including those:

  • Turkey sweet potato
  • Turkey, peas, and blueberry jerky
  • Liver meatballs
  • Meaty beef treats
  • Chicken chickpea and blueberry
  • Salmon bites
  • Cheese wraps, and others.

Some products are sold as a standalone jar, while you can also obtain sets made of three. The price is $39.99–$69.98.

Hemp My Pet

If you’re looking for organic dog biscuits soaked with CBD extract, you can opt for these yummies: hempmypet.com/product-category/organic-dog-biscuits-infused-with-full-spectrum-hemp-cbd/?afmc=c5

They are shaped like cookies and leaves and have attractive baked color – so you can even confuse them with treats for people. Each pack is based on pure Colorado-grown hemp CBD and you can buy the potency from 2 to 5 mg in each bite. The packs cost $25 and $35 respectively.

Hempure CBD

Here, hempurecbd.com/cbd-pet-chews-2-mg/?aff=8, you can acquire 2-mg bites shaped as bottle cork. The content of THC is 0.0%. You can select from two options – 24 and 48 bites, and the cost is $25.99–$44.99. Everything above 25 bucks is shipped throughout the US for no cost. The recommended dosage is indicated on the pack and is based on the weight of your pet: 

  • Below 15 pounds: 0.5 chew
  • 15-30 pounds: 0.5-1 chew
  • 30-50 pounds: 1-1.5 chew
  • Over 50 pounds: 1-2 chews

This is the dose per serving – but this may also be fine enough for the entire day (depending on how your pet behaves after intake).

Nice CBD chews for dogs

Chews are another popular format. 

The top-1 product of CBD chews for dogs: Cannanine Bacon Flavor Soft Chews

It is easy to acquire them here for $54.99: cannanine.com/product/cannanine-bacon-flavor-soft-chews-with-cbd-for-dogs-300-mg-60-ct. Every star-shaped chew contains 5 mg of CBD and 0.0% of THC.

Hemp Well 3 mg

A nice-looking jar with 60 pieces of 9.52 ounces in total comes for $39.99 with 3 mg of CBD per bite here: hempwell.com/product/hemp-relief-dog-soft-chews. The company serves canine, feline, aviary, and equine species.

Jolly Tails by Ilera

30 chews in a tin pack come for $44.95-$121.95 (in a pack of 3) here: ilerascience.com/product/jollytails-30-chews.

Nice CBD pills for dogs

Now let’s cover the issue of CBD oil for dogs with arthritis coming in the form of pills. 

The top-1 product of CBD pills for dogs: Holista Pet CBD Capsules

Depending on the size of the pack (150, 300, 600 mg), here holistapet.com/product/holistapet-cbd-pet-capsules you can buy full-spectrum CBD capsules good enough for dogs and cats, for $25.95 – $58.95. When you choose the size of the pack, the system hints you on the weight of your pet, so you can pick the corresponding jar. 

Canna-Pet Advanced

This site canna-pet.com/product/capsules-canna-pet-advanced-large-60-count-bottle offers you to pay $64.99 for the 60-capsule jar where 8.5 mg of CBD per capsule is contained (which is suitable for treating pets above 20 lbs). 

PURCBD by Innovet

The innovetpet.com company offers you to obtain the 90-capsule bottle for $59.95 suitable for large dogs, with 5 mg of CBD oil for dogs per capsule. 

Where to buy CBD oil for dogs?

The first thing you should know about where to buy CBD oil for dogs is that it’s absolutely meaningless to go to Amazon to acquire it: this site only sells hemp-based stuff, not CBD-based. As we’ve been already talking about hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs, you know that hemp does not work as CBD. You should check out any of our links given above for pills, chews, and treats with CBD, not hemp oil, in order to understand where to buy CBD for dogs with seizures or for other needs of your pet.