CBD gummies

What are CBD gummies? This is a question, which is still often asked by people – even despite the fact that CBD gummies and other CBD-containing products have been on the market for at least a decade – in this or that form. Before the wide legalization of CBD derived from hemp by the Farming Bill of December 2018, every state in the US had own version of the legality of the substance. Yet now, some states adopt legislation concerning CBD, which may make it illegal or legal with additional conditions. For instance, Idaho & South Dakota are the only two states, who made it illegal to produce, sell, and consume CBD on their territory. It is illegal and criminalized there, so don’t go there with your CBD. Of, if you already live there, you are an unlucky person who can’t taste the yummy deliciousness of CBD gummies, about which we are going to talk in this article. 

What are CBD gummies and how do they work?

CBD gummies are the product with the content of CBD inside of them (oil or isolate). This is one of the most popular forms of manufacturing of CBD products (others are tinctures, ointments, topicals, capsules, sprays, additions to your morning coffee or baked goods, lotions, others foods and drinks, and many more).

The popularity of CBD gummies is because of ease of their consumption – you just take a piece and drop it into your mouth. Chew, swallow, and wait for the result. Super easy and you don’t need to deal with clouds of smoke as in vaping or to have a droplet to put some few drops into your mouth. (By the way: many health associations today recommend people completely avoid vaping of any sort – after dozens of deaths have occurred in people in the US only due to vaping in 2019, and more to come in the next years).

Also, CBD gummies taste great thanks to a number of flavors, which manufacturers add to them. You can pick literally any, from regular raspberry, lemon, and vanilla, to more exotic tastes like lychee, lavender, or different foods like lime pie, creamy orange rhubarb, and a number of others. To cherry-pick what’s to your liking, you have to search for manufacturers through googling – it is easy, and hundreds of them instantly appear in front of your eyes.

What is beneficial for users of CBD gummies is that it is possible to pick one of many sizes of boxes or packs with those. For instance, www.justcbdstore.com online store offers such variances of their jars:

  • 250 mg
  • 500 mg
  • 750 mg
  • 1,000 mg
  • 3,000 mg.

The biggest pack may come in one flavor or it can contain all available flavors at a time – they call it a ‘Party Pack’. It is always more beneficial to purchase a bigger pack, as it significantly reduces the price of each gram of it. Thus, the mentioned manufacturer sells 250 mg jar for $23.99, while 750 mg pack comes for $50, and their 3,000-mg pack is sold for $120. As you can see, 12 times bigger pack (the biggest) costs only 5 times more than the smallest one. 

The potency of CBD gummies also matters. Thus, depending on a seller, you can find CBD gummies with the content of CBD in each piece of them from 5 to 50 mg. Surely, the less active substance is in one jelly, the more you need to feel the effect. That is why we always recommend our readers to stick to those CBD gummies, which have a better potency. Most manufacturers produce this product with 20-25 mg in a piece, which is perfectly fine for one normal intake. 

It is reported that some people do not feel the effect of CBD gummies at all, while others report that they have too strong effect compared to what they have heard they should or what they were expecting. However, most users feel the regular effect of relaxation, soothing & calmness. They have better sleep and can fight a number of psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, agitation, and others. 

Do CBD gummies work for real?

To start answering this question, we have to resort to official sources first and to listen to what the FDA tells. The Food and Drug Administration of the US (the FDA in short) is the body, which regulates the turnover of every single piece of food, drink, and substance that can be a part of those. Also, the FDA regulates medications that we see in drugstores. CBD is one of such substances. The FDA is very explicit about CBD – it only has approved one drug based on this substance, Epidiolex, which is particularly for the treatment of one severe type of seizures in children. The FDA has approved nothing else up to this moment. 

What the FDA tell about adding CBD into foods, in particular, about the production of CBD gummies? It is told that there are no sufficient pieces of evidence and studies for short, mid, and long term of action of CBD on the body of humans in different health conditions, which would make it possible to approve or disapprove usage of CBD. At the moment, numerous pieces of research are being held and much more of them are necessary to say how exactly CBD works on the body of men, women, and children, how it works for bodily and mental ailments, what immediate and cumulative side effects it has, and what are the possible good and bad consequences. We know something but this is not enough to be assured. That’s why the FDA encourages any possible studies on the issue of using CBD for different ailments and states of the human but it did not approve it yet to be:

  • a food additive
  • a separate remedy to cure/treat anything and any state of the body and mental ailment
  • a potent remedy to affect anything in the human body or behavior.

The FDA also forbids adding CBD to any food or drink. But somehow, this prohibition does not work in reality. So, more like forbidding, this may be considered a discouragement. 

So, based on that, you will likely see on the website of any manufacturer that the product that is sold is not considered good or bad for any state, ailment, illness or sickness, immediate or long-term. Also, it is likely to be said that CBD is not an approved food additive. By doing that, producers legally follow what the FDA has regulated. It turns out that CBD is just some substance, which does not affect anyone anyhow and it is used at user discretion just for the purpose of achieving nothing. But if you happen to feel any effect on your body at all – it is unintended and occasional, and nobody could have known that it would be like this or that it would be any effect at all. It turns out exactly so. So here, you face the fight of marketing strivings of sellers and legal prohibitions of authorities.

However, it is possible to find online the results of a number of studies, which can reveal the results of the action of CBD on a human and pet body. Publically accessible pieces of studies tell that CBD actually has an effect for:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • mood disorders and swings
  • sleep disturbances in long and short term
  • agitation
  • skin problems
  • negative effects of chemotherapy in cancer
  • seizures
  • epilepsy
  • wrinkles and aging of the skin.

What is actually good is that when you take CBD gummies or any other form of CBD, you have all these benefits of CBD gummies for your health at once. So, when somebody says that when you’re taking CBD gummies to relax and have better sleep, this actually means that your skin and internal organs also benefit. Anxiety and depression go away, too. This is happening due to the complex effect of CBD gummies on the central nervous system of the body and the endocannabinoid system, which is the main receiver of CBD substance. This system inside of our bodies was just recently discovered and it is now known that it makes sure the homeostasis and equilibrium in our bodies on a daily basis. 

CBD gummies effects: what they are?

As we have just previously said, officially, any effect of CBD gummies cannot be advertised by sellers, marketers, or manufacturers directly. Indirectly, however, the effect manifests in a number of areas. Taking CBD gummies on a constant basis, you contribute to a better state of your skin, eliminating not only its aging manifestations like wrinkles and uneven color but you also can positively affect the treatment of:

  • leisure
  • rashes
  • itches
  • redness
  • pimples
  • dryness.

As a result, the skin becomes softer and smoother, starts to look younger in several months of regular intake, and eventually, you look younger than you are, on several years. However, more pieces of research are required to say about its long-term effect, positive or negative.

About two main reasons for ailments in the world’s population – anxiety and depression – it must be said that they make around half of all ailments that have the rest of sicknesses altogether. It means that roughly over 2 billion people in the world suffer from these two (given that 4 billion people are sick or ill with anything currently). What are the CBD gummies’ effects? CBD gummies, as well as any other form of CBD (oil or isolate, too), contributes to lowering agitation, anxiety, and depression. CBD is able to make a mood of a person smoother, and refrain from mood swings caused by work, personal life’s failures, and negative living conditions like poor environment. Certainly, it cannot be said that CBD is able to eliminate the cause but it is true to say that taking it on a daily basis will contribute to a healthier and calmer reaction to many things taking place in the life of a person. 

As many people taking CBD gummies feel the ‘melting into the chair or bed’, as they describe it, it is beneficial to take gummies after a tiresome day and/or shortly before going to bed to live a calmer life. As we have said, a lot of additional research is still required to say anything about the long-term effect and cumulative side effects of CBD gummies on the body of humans and pets. However, it is possible to say that in the short run, each intake, in general, is able to make people and pets sleep better and do not wake up all night long.

CBD gummies are also taken when a person undergoes chemotherapy during cancer treatment. The widely known side effects of chemotherapy are vomiting & nausea. CBD gummies can fight those symptoms, alleviating their strength (although, it cannot be said that CBD gummies are able to make a patient get rid of them completely). 

Also, a few small studies show that some concentrated portions of CBD in cancer patients are able to kill cells in cancer tumors. But far more studies are needed to reveal the anti-cancer effect of CBD gummies (if any actually exists).

Are CBD gummies legal in the US?

Are CBD gummies legal? The legality issue is not as simple as it can be at first glance. Let’s talk about the world first and then we come back to the US, just to embrace the big picture.

What we can learn from open-source data, CBD is currently allowed in this or that manner in 47 countries of the world. By saying ‘allowed’, we actually mean all shades of the capability of using it – from ‘illegal but tolerated’ to ‘legal without any further conditions’. Between the two points, there are various states like:

  • illegal but unenforced
  • allowed to have up to some specific amount at a time
  • illegal to sell but legal to possess for personal usage
  • recreational
  • medical use
  • illegal but decriminalized and thus, unenforced
  • tolerated for various occasions, including religious consumption.

In one country – North Korea – its legal status is not known. In two more countries, it is under the process of decriminalization, and a proper national referendum is going to be organized in upcoming years (New Zealand and Norway).

Nearly the same goes for THC – which is cannabis, officially prohibited in the US on the federal level (excluding some states that have individually allowed recreational and medical use of THC). Currently, 53 countries of the world have made THC legal (applying nearly same-looking intermediary shades of legality). What is interesting, in a bigger number of states of the US, it is officially legal than not. That is, 33 states, Columbia D.C., and 4 territories have made it legal – a bigger half. But the problem is that while it stays illegal at the federal level, it is impossible to set up an inter-state trade of THC.

Things are quite different for CBD gummies and other CBD-containing products. As CBD was made legal in December 2018 on the federal level by the Farming Bill, it is possible to distribute it freely across all US territory. It is freely grown and cultivated in a number of states, and there are states, which have already become a good name for CBD, like Kentucky, Virginia, or California. It is reported that 128,320 acres of land across the US are currently taken by growing hemp to receive CBD oil from it. The significant growth is still ongoing – because landowners and farmers are increasingly interested in growing a culture, which gives more money than nearly any other agriculture that they have been previously growing. For comparison: only one year ago, in 2018 (before the Farming Bill of 2018’s December passed), there were only 27,424 acres of land taken for this purpose, which is 4.6 times growth in just 1 year! It is expected that over 200,000 acres of land will be taken for this purpose in 2021. Just to compare: the lands for maple sap grew at 85% (2019/2018), flax – 77%, hazelnuts & oranges – 74%.

But there are two states, which we have already mentioned in the article, which don’t want their farmers to gain money and don’t want their economy to grow – Idaho & South Dakota. They have made the turnover of CBD on their territories illegal. So, when you are planning to deliver a parcel with freshly-cooked CBD gummies to your door at Pocatello, Missoula, or Rapid City – this will not happen or you will be arrested for possession of illegal substances. Pity.

Here is another issue – as the US has some overseas territories, it could be a problem with the delivery of CBD gummies there. It is so because, in order to deliver CBD gummies there, they must be shipped by a ship or a plane. This means that the merch has to undergo customs clearing in the port of departure. Sometimes, problems may arise, as, formally, the CBD departs from the customs territory of the US and there is no guarantee that it will be heading exactly there, where it is assigned to. It’s a good thing if it is but what if it’s lost somewhere in the sea during the shipment? And, even though such cases are rare and have not become a commonplace yet, problems may arise with customs when you order CBD gummies from an online store on the mainland and expect them to come to your off-mainland house.

Also, the US citizens may face problems in other countries if they cross the border with some CBD gummies amount in their luggage or pocket. You are not officially allowed to bring CBD substances anywhere outside the US because it can be illegal in other countries. Even if it is – there may be issues with the number of allowed CBD per person. Also, it may be simply illegal to move CBD through the border for a natural person or if you don’t hold some special permits for that. So, please, leave any CBD gummies back at your US home for the term of vacation or business trip abroad. Even to Canada, duh.

What are the benefits of CBD gummies?

In addition to the mentioned health benefits of CBD gummies for people, analogical benefits are met for pets. Although it is not encouraged to give CBD gummies and any other CBD-containing products to your children and pets, some people do so.

It is not safe because there is currently no known safe dose of CBD for anyone – not for adults, not for a child or pet. Despite the fact that manufacturers tell that it is safe to take 5… 50 mg of CBD per day, nobody has actually studied this issue and there is no reliable table of translation of doses from humans to pets.

Besides the use for the health of CBD in its direct action, some products, including CBD gummies, contain additional substances – like terpenes, vitamins, and oils. These affect the body positively because of their natural content, which stays safe because of the gentle extraction of these from a plant – using CO2, not some aggressive chemicals. It allows CBD and supporting substances to maintain their natural form and properties.

Some nice options of CBD gummies for pain

This product of CBD gummies for pain here justcbdstore.com/product/cbd-gummies-3000mg-jar is a wonderful answer to pain syndrome, as well as occasional pains in:

  • soft tissues
  • bones
  • internal organs
  • back
  • belly
  • limbs
  • head.

As for the long-term effect and action for chronic pains, additional pieces of research are required.

CBD gummies for anxiety and depression

If you have these two, you are one of the hundreds of millions of people who suffer from them. This product of CBD gummies for anxiety and depression purekana.com/products/cbd-vegan-gummies-25mg-each is great not only for making your state more soothing but it is also great if you’re vegan – thanks to the gentle and all-natural process of extraction of CBD put into gummies.

Do CBD gummies for sleep really help

As the internal chemistry of the body of each person is highly individual, there is no straight answer like “No” or “Yes”. For most users of CBD gummies, it works. People take 1 or 2 CBD gummies for sleep shortly before going to bed (like 30 minutes prior to that) and are capable of sleeping tight and smooth all night. There are no such side effects as getting used to (which can bring the withdrawal syndrome). While it is possible to get used to CBD substance (as it is possible on purely chemical level for any substance that we take), and so the dosages will increase with time, there is no withdrawal syndrome known today, which causes aggravation of sleep problems, including the absence of it, disturbances, bad mood, high desire to take CBD or anything like that. Also, there are from no to little side effects with CBD – and they are definitely not as harsh as with “chemical” drugs used to treat sleep problems today (like benzodiazepines).

Are CBD gummies for kids safe

Although the World Health Organization says that CBD is a completely safe substance, it must be taken properly at all times. While there is no safe dose known for adults, children, and pets, it is not recommended to give your children any amount of CBD gummies. Also, there are no reliable studies on CBD gummies for kids, which would unambiguously tell how CBD affects the growing child organism – what positive and negative effects it brings along.

One more thing to be in the know for adults – your CBD gummies look like regular jellies, right? So make sure your children stay away from CBD gummies destined for you – as if they eat a whole pack of it, there comes trouble. 

CBD oil vs gummies: how to choose?

To make your decision on CBD oil vs gummies nicely built, let’s look at the pros and cons:

Pros of CBD gummies:

+ It is easy to intake them – just take one and throw it into your mouth

+ They are yummy

+ You can more or less say how many CBD is inside of each gummy bear

Cons of CBD gummies:

  • They have lesser content of CBD inside of one piece than inside of every drop of CBD oil
  • Though the content of CBD in each jello is indicated on a pack, how can you be so absolutely positively sure that when mixing the substance, CBD was evenly distributed throughout the mass, without, like, +10% here and -10% there?
  • They melt under the direct sunlight, turning into one mass for, like, 20 minutes – completely.

Pros of oil:

+ It very slowly changes its chemical properties (and physical shape) even under the direct sunlight – it can stand on your windowsill for 4-6 months before changes start to appear.

+ You can always be sure about the precise content of CBD inside of oil – due to its chemical properties, which largely contribute to the evenness of the content’s distribution.

+ It comes in a smaller volume than a pack of jellos.

Cons of oil of CBD:

  • To take it, you need a pipette for precise dosing, which adds inconvenience.
  • It is rarely flavored, so you feel the long-lasting earthy aftertaste.
  • It is far not always possible to take CBD oil in public, while CBD gummies are taken without anyone’s attention.

Now you know what are pluses and minuses of each form and you can make a weighted decision.

What are the best CBD gummies?

Below, we are considering 5 great CBD oil gummies on the market. 

The top-1 product in CBD gummies: JustCBD store’s gummies in 3,000 mg pack

You can acquire them on this link: justcbdstore.com/product/cbd-gummies-3000mg-jar, for $120 dollars. A list of options in flavors that you can select is offered:

  1. Clear bear
  2. Frosted Bears.

If you’re not thrilled by the ‘flamboyance’ of choice, then another pack by this company called ‘Party Pack’, also coming in 3,000 mg, gives 4 flavors in one can: 

  • sour beans
  • sour worms
  • apple rings
  • peach rings. 

Based on the liked flavor, you can pick a smaller jar of this manufacturer in the future. 

Pure Kana’s vegan gummies

Where to buy CBD gummies? You can acquire them here: purekana.com/products/cbd-vegan-gummies-25mg-each.

How many CBD gummies should I eat? The pack has 20 pieces of CBD gummies, 25 mg of the active substance in each. It is recommended by a manufacturer to serve 2 pieces at a time but we recommend you to start with 1 piece if you are a beginner. 

In addition to hemp CBD isolate, the content of the thing is pretty healthy: 

  • ascorbic acid
  • citric acid
  • natural colors
  • natural flavors
  • organic cane sugar
  • organic wheat sweet syrup
  • pectin.

The colors of organic CBD gummies are four:

  • pumpkin
  • apple
  • carrot
  • black currant.

Vegan CBD gummies are also helpful for those gluten-intolerant, as they are gluten-free. Feel nature in each bottle!

A bundle of three jars by Charlotte’s Web Inc.

You can obtain CBD gummy bears following this link: charlottesweb.com/cbd-gummy-bundle.

The bundle with a nice discount today for only $131.98 offers three flavors: ginger, lime, and raspberry. Each jar includes 60 pieces of 10 mg each piece (2.5 times smaller than in the previous product on our list). Despite the FDA’s prohibition, the company positions its product as a dietary supplement. Each serving has L-theanine added to help you relax for sleep. Charlotte’s Web offers you to take only 2 pieces a day – making it 20 mg. Wise decision.

CDBdistillery two in a pack

CBD gummies for sale are here: thecbdistillery.com/product/sale-gummies-pm-gummies. You receive two bottles filled with jellos for $99 (the previous price was $120). Thus, you acquire 2 bottles * 30 pieces in each * 30 mg in each piece = 1,800 mg in total. The advantageous side is that 1 piece would be enough for 1 intake.

CBDfx 300 mg

This is quite another taste – turmeric and spirulina: cbdfx.com/products/cbdfx-antioxidant-cbd-gummies-with-turmeric-spirulina.

We’re sure that such a refreshing combination of CBD gummies near me will stay on your tongue as if you’ve just eaten summer salad – even in the rage of winter. 

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

Nobody can tell the exact amount. As you see, manufacturers of best CBD gummies above also say really varying doses per day or per serving. If this is your first time, take 10-15 mg at a time and wait for 30 min. If nothing happens – repeat. Do not take over 100 mg a day!

What is the optimal CBD gummies dosage?

Do CBD gummies work? It’s hard to say for everyone. The effect from one jelly of 20-30 mg of CBD comes in 5-30 minutes (with average 5-7 min) depending on a number of factors. Let’s have CBD gummies review on that:

  • What is your bodily complexion (weight, particularly)?
  • What about the metabolism speed (the faster it is, the faster the effect comes along)?
  • What are your lifestyle habits and activity?
  • Is there any history of intake of CBD by you before (if this is your first-time intake, you may feel a larger effect than expected. But you also can feel no effect – every user shows highly individual results and we’ve already got used to it through years and years of receiving customer feedback)
  • How many CBD gummies you take at a time? 100 mg a day is considered a pretty high dose in all cases. If you take just 4 jellies each containing 25 mg of the active substance, this dose is reached. If it’s your first time, you can feel a significant (or ever terrific) effect on your body. You won’t get ‘high’ as it is possible to do with marijuana’s THC (its main chemical component). But you might get significantly ‘stoned’ with 100 mg, as this amount with just one intake may cover you headlong and not let go during hours and hours.
  • What other drugs and foods are you taking along? It is known that CBD is a very chemically active component, which interacts with around a hundred of different drugs, alcohol, and some dozen foods + drinks. You can find the list online on your own. The effect is enhanced or decreased, sometimes, significantly – even up to several times. This is partially happening because of the way how CBD gummies dosage is digested by the body – CBD starts its half-life thanks to the liver, which is also responsible for digesting alcohol, drugs, fatty food, and toxins. Loading your liver with several digested substances at once may cause unpredictable results.

If you do not feel any effect after one intake, take two CBD edibles – but do not exceed the dosage of 100 mg per day.

Where to buy CBD gummies?

Above, we have given you 5 links to online stores with wonderful CBD gummies. Try starting with them. Also, try CBD gummies Amazon.